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Do you want to be excellent but instead you always wind up feeling victimized and desperate? Have you repeatedly found yourself in situations you never wanted to be in? It’s time for a change… and it starts in your heart.

This book by Janice Mae Jackson gives friendly, honest, and to-the-point advice for how to make the changes in your own mindset, attitudes, and behaviors that will help you to become the woman of excellence that you have always longed to be. Janice starts with the love of God, truth-tells through the Word of God, and shares from her own journey and the experiences that helped her develop into the woman she is today.

Women of excellence are virtuous and temperate. Your journey begins today!


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""Let’s all ask ourselves, if we were more conscious of God watching us, would we live a more virtuous life?"

ABOUT Janice Mae Jackson

Janice Mae Jackson (pronounced Jan-eece) lives in the Maryland, Washington D.C. and Virginia area of the United States. She is a minister of the gospel, and the Pastor and leader of Go Ye Forth Ministry. She pastors and leads people to Christ by preaching the gospel, teaching the Bible, and training disciples to Go Ye Forth in fulfillment of the Great Commission. God has also sent her to minister in the nations, particularly to women and children in need of her loving care and exhortation.

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